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The Tympanometry Examination assesses the middle ear’s state, eardrum mobility, and ear canal pressure. It’s an objective measure of middle-ear function, not a hearing test. This evaluation gauges energy transmission through the middle ear, enabling differentiation between sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. Ear Canal Evaluation in Lahore is crucial for accurate insights.

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Methodology for Tympanometry Examination and Ear Canal Evaluation in Lahore

Prior to the tympanometry examination, your physician conducts a thorough ear canal evaluation in Lahore is  assess to potential obstructions, such as impacted earwax. These obstructions or other ear irregularities might impact test outcomes. While utilizing an otoscope to observe the ear canal, your physician may employ a pneumatic otoscope—a device with a bulb attached—to detect eardrum movement under pressure.

The visual examination using the otoscope empowers your physician to form a qualitative assessment based on their observations. Neither the use of an otoscope nor a tympanometer carries inherent risks. However, due to the application of pressure within the ear, mild discomfort might arise during these tests. Small children or those sensitive to sensations may experience objection to ear insertion. However, such exams are generally considered non-painful.

During the tympanometry examination

Throughout the duration of this comprehensive assessment, our skilled professionals employ specialized equipment to measure your ear’s responses to a range of sound stimuli. This intricate process yields essential insights into the state of your auditory health and overall functioning. Your active participation and cooperation during the examination play a pivotal role in ensuring the utmost accuracy of the results. These precise outcomes enable us to formulate recommendations tailored precisely to your individual requirements and needs.

During tympanometry examination

Advantage of Ear Canal Evaluation


Tympanometry examination, a valuable tool with diverse applications, plays a pivotal role. It’s commonly utilized to identify various conditions, encompassing fluid presence in the middle ear, middle ear infections, eardrum perforations, and Eustachian tube dysfunction. While particularly crucial for children suspected of middle ear concerns, this assessment is also occasionally conducted on adults as part of routine hearing evaluations. This aids in ascertaining whether any middle ear issues contribute to hearing loss. Both adults and children seeking medical clearance for hearing aids and ear canal evaluation in Lahore.

An abnormal tympanogram is frequently linked to fluid accumulation behind the eardrum, hindering its movement and proper sound transmission. However, this condition is usually temporary and can be treated medically. If fluid buildup is the cause of your hearing issue, you might not require hearing aids for correction. Consulting your physician or a nearby hearing health professional is recommended to determine the best course of action for your specific situation.

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What are normal tympanometry results?

Middle ear pressure values ranging from +50 daPa to –200 daPa for children, and +50 daPa to –50 daPa for adults is generally considered normal. The compliance of the middle ear system is a measure of how well the system responds to sound.

Is Tympanometry test painful?

Tympanometry is not uncomfortable and shouldn’t cause any pain. It may feel a little strange to have the soft ear bud in the ear and the change in air pressure is noticeable, but not any more noticeable than an air pressure change in an airplane. You may hear a soft tone in your ear during testing.

How is a tympanometry performed?

Tympanometry is performed with the assistance of a flexible rubber tip that is placed in the ear canal. The probe will cause the air pressure within your ear canal to change as you hear some low-pitched tones. While the pressure is changing, measurements of your eardrum’s movement will be taken and recorded.

What is the purpose of tympanometry?

Tympanometry tests how well your eardrum moves. The audiologist will put a small probe, which looks like an earphone, into each ear. A small device attached to the probe will push air into your ear. The person testing you will see a graph on the device, called a tympanogram.

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